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Advice and recommendations

Advice and recommendations for the guests of "Letnyaya Zolotitsa"


Dear friends!

Within several days you should live in "Letnyaya Zolotitsa" resort of Wildlife Discovery Club. We offer you to meet the recommendations for the visitors based on principles of our Club so that your staying with us, as well as the mood of those who stay next to you will not be spoiled by different uncomfortable situations. These recommendations reflect specificity of a unique resort removed from some boons and many problems of a civilization.

1. Please, refrain from noisy, rough pastime in the resort, you will see the silence of primordial nature - one of the advantages of the rest on a lonely coast of the White sea.

2. Try not to afflict the owners of the resort with damage of interiors and equipment of your temporary dwelling. In particular, replace, please, street or marching footwear for the domestic. Your legs feel cosy in soft house slippers, prepared for you in a tambour at the entrance.

3. Estimate a faultless surface of a floor from a natural tree. It is pleasant and it is useful to go on such a covering, but be attentive, please - the floor is slippery.

4. Breakfasts, dinners and the suppers pass in refectory on the 1-st floor. As a rule, for breakfast is waiting for you from 9 o'clock till 10 o'clock. But if the travel excursion or walk is planned, the time of the repast will be coordinated to the forthcoming plan. Our cooks necessarily include the gifts of a nature of the coast of the White Sea (mushrooms, berries, fish, seafood, honey, grass, dairy products) into the menu. The meal is tasty and useful, non-standard for hotel restaurants.

5. All the water used in the resort is from a spring. Whenever possible economically spend it, do not leave the cranes open without any need.

6. If you want the towels to be replaced in a bathroom, please, leave them on a floor.

7. You can dry not bulky things on a dryer in a bath, having switched it on in an electrical network. Use special dryers in tambour at the entrance for drying footwear. Upon termination of process disconnect all the electro devices, please.

8. If all of you still smoke, we advise to use a case and to finish with this not useful habit. For those who can not stop with tobacco smoking yet, a place on veranda (exit from the billiard on the 2-nd floor) is prepared. The smoking in the rooms of the resort is inadmissible also by the rules of fire-prevention safety.

9. You can learn about storage of keys and values, to receive the information on usage of stock, telephone, TV, Wi-Fi, CD with karaoke etc., having addressed to the hostess of the resort. She will be glad to tell to you about the excursion, improving and ecological programs, and also about local sights.

10. Maintenance of your safety is a paramount task for us. It is necessary to remember, that the resort "Letnyaya Zolotitsa" is located on a bosom of a wild nature, in the distance from stationary hospital services. Convincingly we ask you not to leave far without the warning and without support.

11. Our doctor will help to solve the problems which have arisen with health. It is possible to receive from him also information on usage of the bath without various improving procedures.

12. The resort "Letnyaya Zolotitsa" is surrounded by especial northern nature. Any damage of vegetation in these conditions is a long-term wound. Try to leave only kind memories after the staying here. And let the resort, the coast of the White Sea and river Zolotitsa to stay in your memoirs as an example of cleanliness and constrained advantage of the coast-dweller North.

Partake of a not vain image of life, affinity to natural sources of health and good mood!









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