20/12/2016, 10:31
You have a possibility to communicate with a baby seal, looking like an animated soft toy, - furry, white, with huge black eyes only in two places of Earth. One of these places is situated in Russia in ices of the White Sea.
09/11/2014, 07:00
V techenie sezonov 2013-2014 goda na territorii nacional'nogo parka "Onejskoe Pomor'e" provodilis' nauchnye issledovaniya. V rezul'tate v okrestnostyah Letnei Zoloticy poyavilis' novye eko-marshruty.
04/10/2014, 14:55
4 oktyabrya 2014 goda proshel rovno god s togo momenta, kak FGBU Nacional'nyi park Onejskoe Pomor'e bylo zaregistrirovano v Edinom gosudarstvennom reestre. Za etot god prodelana ogromnaya rabota, prochitat' o kotoroi mojno na saite parka
08/10/2013, 14:34
"I see the creation of high-quality conditions for coexistence of man and the environment as one of the most important tasks of Onezhskoye Pomorye. Not to destroy, but to use wisely, to preserve and increase - this principle must be introduced into the work of the Park and the life of the local population. Life itself proves that the living costs much more than destroyed." (Oleg Prodan, the Director of the national Park)
07/10/2013, 13:42
"I am currently at the Summer shore of the White sea in the eco-hotel "Letnyaya Zolotitsa". Here is a stone ridge (three parallel sea waves), which the locals name as the Hyperboreans Road, and in a couple of kilometers away from it - the whole Observatory! Ruined, but it is quite obvious that it was! Square stone that is strictly oriented to the cardinal points (the main area), near there is the stone with sight, another one is clearly fallen. There are very, very, very many processed pieces (like on the Hyperboreans Road)! You cant even count them." (Daria Portnova)
07/10/2013, 13:16
In April 2013 on the coordinates of the drift of the schooner "Saint Anna" the buoys were exhibited. Only one of them is working now. But the trajectory of drift continues to amaze!
29/04/2013, 13:50
The end of March. An amazing time, when the long dark Northern winter ends. The day becomes longer, the duration of it is for about 14 hours, bright warm sun shines all around and spring drops say with clear voice that this is it, the winter leaves, and the spring comes. In these days the seals are starting to come out on the ice, to bask in the hot sun. You can make a successful photo of these funny and very cautious animals.
26/04/2013, 16:33
14 2013 14.00 -2013 . 7 . - . Robinson R-66 . , . , . 8 2013 15.20 , 1027 , R-66 . : , - , , " -" . Source
02/04/2013, 09:58
The Onega peninsula washed by the waters of Dvina and Onega gulfs of the White Sea is one of the most seldom visited regions of European Russia. On a peninsula there are no highways, therefore peninsula is practically inaccessible to the auto tourists. At the same time, the regular air flights from Arkhangelsk allow to appear immediately in taiga backwoods, at the coast of the White Sea. In 2013 this unique region has received the status of "Onega Pomorye" national park.
More than 240 species of birds are marked for areas of Onega and Dvina gulfs. The spring migration begins in April and comes to the end in first half of June. There is a unique opportunity for photographing and supervision over birds, thousands of which are flying along the coast of Onega peninsula in a northeast direction.
24/03/2013, 12:51
It was never so hard... Despite the quality of the ice exploration and satellite support, we had to smash our heads thoroughly Something is happening to our Mother Nature. We have to really think about what is happening with a population of seals in the White Sea.
10/05/2012, 10:20
And now we are united in a game with the wood grouse. Its the game of Nature, when the wood grouse begins to answer, obeying an instinct. We move towards the hardly distinct wood grouses shout: two - three steps, and pause, beginning of the shout then and again 2-3 steps, fast, elastic, I am surprised, that Ive never gone to track down a bird or animal, but there is a memory of movement, and it allows to move quickly and almost silently. The sensation is that time has stopped, has disappeared. There is only the listening in the sounds of a pre-dawn wood, an allocation of the only one from all scale of sounds - necessary, and the movement to it.
The wood grouses song comes more clearly and the loud claps of wings appeared, the grouse seemed to dance, and, at about 100 meters, the wood grouses silhouette flashes among the trees. Though it is still very much far, but I already direct the camera also I press the button...
08/02/2013, 11:17
13 2013 23:20 "" , - " ". Source
15/03/2013, 13:10
2013 " " . .
04/05/2012, 17:56
Representatives of NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC Russia visited "Letnaya Zolotitsa" and took part in program "Visit to newborn baby seals".
On the cover: Greenland newborn baby seal. The White Sea. Photographer: Andrey Kamenev
"If Greenland seals have to chose country for living they would chose Russia, where already for the 3rd year seal hunting is forbidden and there is no menace of global rise in temperatures."( NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC Russia, May 2012) Source
15/03/2012, 14:15
Already for the thirteenth time we organize the most enthralling tour to the White Sea seals. 13 years and each year as for the first time. There were no similar flights, no similar ice float, and no similar seal. The same as: You cant step into one and the same stream twice. Emotions, adrenalin each time all over again. Each year it becomes more difficult: ice floats diminish, weather becomes more changeable and the amount of seals reduces...
03/02/2012, 17:41
Every year during March holidays many visitors wishing to meet the Northern wonder newborn baby seals, come to Letnaya Zolotitsa.
This month we traditionally devote to WOMAN. Men will not have to rack their brains in order to be original and generous. Just present your love with a tour it is a holiday and certificate at the same time. While women enjoy northern SPA, men can rush on snowmobiles towards on of plenty picturesque lake and compete there in fishing with delicious pomor fishing soup after that.
07/09/2012, 10:23
The settlement of the primitive people located on a territory of modern eco-hotel in ancient times. Archeological finds are in a museum of eco-hotel "Letnyaya Zolotitsa". Our guides will tell about finds with pleasure and spend the visitors to admire places, where the settlements had located.
30/10/2008, 12:28
Silent place on the coast of the White sea. Primordial forest, surprising landscapes, sea evening glows and sun risings. Pure spring water. Complete absence of highways, industrial and others pollutants. Plus - the affinity of Solovki temples. As the result - tremendous energy. A long turn of New Year's days off will be remembered by sparkling snow, ringing silence, new sensations from affinity with the primordial nature, complete relaxation and quiet dream.
24/12/2011, 17:36
22nd of December is the day of winter solstice. This night we witnessed an unusual sight on the beach of the eco-hotel Letnaya Zolotitsa during our night voyage along the White Sea shore on our way to stone brook. We sailed leaving behind us an emerald milky way.
Meanwhile our guests visited Kuzovs archipelago where remained the ancient megaliths which might be a reverberation of legendary country Hyperborea (the Arctid). On scientists supposition in ancient times on these islands there was a Temple of Nature, where nature currents streamed their life-giving force.
09/11/2011, 10:48
New Year is a time of miracles when everyone can become a magician.
We invite you to one of the most wonderful fairy-tales.
You will get an opportunity to run with White rabbit across the marvelous country, to have a tea with Reckless hatter and March hare and even to spend a time with Cheshire cat
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