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Few ones can say that they know everything about fishing in the surroundings of Letnyaya Zolotitsa. That is clear because here we have the White sea coast, which is 100 km long, numerous islands, straits, inlets, countless rivers, lakes, streams and few fishermen
Main routes of fishing outings
These excursions are for our guests (can be ordered as additional). The surroundings of eco-resort can offer cognitive, active, health-improving, ecological, archaeological and rural recreation. Here we have historical lighthouses, road crosses, the sates dated II thousand years B.C. and places of force. The sea, lakes, rivers, pines And what is the most important here, the silence, tranquility, harmony.
These excursions are for the guest of eco-resort Letnyaya Zolotitsa Our hovercraft Marina will take you any island of Solovetsky archipelago, and also to the other islands of White sea. These excursions are additional.
It is amazing, but in the north, especially on the islands with undisturbed nature, far away from the vanity of the world and self-deception of the powerful technocratic civilization, the invisible gates of time are opened. An incomprehensible spellbinding energy, bringing an exciting breath of visionary revelations of the past, starts to flow through you, pulsating like gentle waves. And you are embraced by the complex feeling of real presence in every époque of the past, here and there, and there, and there many centuries ago. You feel your allowance to cognize the internal mysteries of the universe. This feeling spellbinds, and is perceived as a miraculous benefit, as a gift from above; it is increased in places where the mysterious stone constructions are situated

Despite its remote location, eco-resort “Letnyaya Zolotitsa” offers the exciting routes combining dynamic excursions with being in the middle of wild nature and health improvement all the year round. 


We organize trips over the Onega peninsula, to the Solovetsky archipelago and other islands of the White Sea, walks in the forest, mushroom and berry gathering, sea and lake fishing, numerous routes: by sea, on foot or by bike, short or days-long, skiing, by snowmobile or by all-terrain vehicle, by inflatable boats oaring rivers and lakes.


We have Argo amphibious vehicles. They can operate on water, stones, deep snow with the speed up to 30 km per hour. Using these vehicles it is possible to reach the relict lakes with unscared fish, the operating Chesmensky lighthouse with authentic outfit of XIX century, the Konyukhov inlet, where ringed seals sunbathe on the stones and you can catch a plaice with the help of your feet…


For the sea voyages we have the hovercraft “Marina”, the only one of such class in Russia. It can move on water with the speed of 60 km per hour and on ice with the speed of 100 km per hour. It can also operate on swamps and cays. For instance, you can go to Solovetsky archipelago, or to the beautiful islands of Kuzova archipelago.


People of all ages and of all countries can come to have a rest in eco-hotel “Letnyaya Zolotitsa” all the year round.


Solovetsky archipelago is situated in the western part of the White Sea between the Carelian maritime area and the Summer coast of Onega peninsula, close to Polar circle, and consists of 6 big and great number of small islands. There are about 1200 archeological sites and more that 100 historical and architectural monuments. The history of Solovetsky archipelago development is measured by thousands of years and is cloaked in mysteries and legends.


Solovetsky fortress. Due to its heroic history and protection of celestial patrons Solovetsky monastery situated over the sea at the end of the earth during almost six centuries was the promise land. Strongly marked individual features of Solovetsky fortress built of glacial stone rocks that weigh up to 11 tones make it possible to call it the pride of Russian North.


Bolshoy Zayatsky island. It is a rich reserve. On a small territory as nowhere else in the country there are hundreds of monuments. They are related to two cultures – Neolithic and Medieval Christian cultures. As the legend says, body functioning is stabilized here. For instance in 10-15 minutes high blood pressure is normalized and at the same time a burst of vital power may take place. Moreover, men’s brain “works better there, and women can be cured from infertility…”


Anzersky island. Anzer is a holy place which is under special patronage of Holy Mother. If Solovki is a Holy Land, Anzer is a Holy of Holies, Heaven on Earth. Here, on the isolated piece of land the hermit monks has been working for many centuries, preserving pristine beauty of these places and never desecrating the miracle of God’s creation.


Situated not far from “Letnyaya Zolotitsa” there are the weather-worn Chesmensky lighthouse that resembles a medieval castle; the famous Zhizhginsky lighthouse, 1842, the French lighthouse on Zhuzhmuy island, 1871.


In the nearest surroundings the sites dated 2000 B.C. were discovered in the villages of Pushlakhta, Letnyaya Zolotitsa, Letniy Navolok, and on the Paraninsky stream.


Kuzova archipelago is distinctive in its unique combination of natural landscapes of astonishing beauty and numerous monuments of ancient times. About 800 different stone constructions were found there. These ancient sites are the ceremonial complexes of ancient saami people, who appeared in the White sea region 2-2,5 thousand years ago, and the sacred stones – seids. The megalithic constructions found on Bolshoy Nemetsky Kuzov island and Russky Kuzov island have no match neither for their originality, nor for their diversity, nor for their quantitative composition.


The White sea petroglyphs are the ancient images embossed on stones. Images are stratified: the oldest ones can be even 6 thousand years old, the “newest” go back to XIV century. Among the main values of the White sea petroglyths are their originality, mystique, variety of themes and style, plenty of scenes, the quality of work, good preservation, exceptionally expressive natural surroundings, loads of ancient sites.


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