The 22nd of December is a day of winter solstice. During this day on "Letnaya Zolotitsa"s latitude the sun just a little rises above the skyline. It takes a rest in order to revive. And a nature gets into a special state revealing its miracles to people.

This night we witnessed an unusual sight in the beach of eco-hotel "Letnaya Zolotitsa" during our night voyage along the White sea shore on our way to stone brook. There situate ancient boudiers - witnesses of ice period. It is a special place where you are not feeling the course of time, but feel yourself as a part of universe.

The seashore met us with emerald luminescence. Nature presented us unforgivable impression: greenish neon lights came out under our feet, the sand shone with plenty of stars as though the sky came down on earth. We went to boudiers leaving behind us an emerald milky way.

Meanwhile our guests made night photo session in 70 km from us - at the very heart of White sea. Our guests - Sergey Balalev, Galina Kotovskaya and Vladimir Melnik - are very interesting people, who traveled a lot and saw the most curious places of our planet. They are energetic, opened to new discoveries, living in motion.

This time their aim is Kuzov's archipelago, where remained the ancient artifacts - probably the reverberations of legendary Hyperborea (the Arctid), which considered to be the ancient continent in the north pole, populated with once mighty civilization. "Hyperborea" means, "behind the northern wind Borey" in Arctic. Up to nowadays the fact of Arctid existence in not confirmed, except for the ancient legends and pictures, showing that piece of land on old engravings, for example made by Gerard Merkator.

Now there is a wintry forest in our windows and we are sitting in a comfortable dinner-room of "Letnaya Zolotitsa" eco-hotel and listening to the stories of our guests, we are looking through the photos made by them. They arrived several hours ago and are comparing their notes with us.

Even the first photos made by them from board of plane charm us. At first it seems as though huge snowy boudiers are lying on the water and a family of sea giant animals is sailing along the sea: whales, walruses or seals of incredible sizes? No, these are the pieces of land.

As we know, Belomorye is one of the most "megalithic" regions of our country. There are more than five hundred of megalithic objects situated on Kuzov' islands. Among them "stone throne" which has the height of 3,5 , and has no analogue in the world; plenty of dolmens which have unique construction; different "obelisks"; mysterious "labyrinths" - concentrically twisted stone roads. On the islands these roads are especially valuable because they are touched neither by time nor by people.

Our guests are sure that the position of islands and megaliths is not accidental in relation to parts of the world.

Most of all the ancient people possessed understanding and knowledge about the earth properties, which allowed them to create nearly universal megalithic complexes in order to influence the people. Undoubtedly they also knew about the shrines' cycle use that is the shrines could change their qualities depending on time of the year, moon phase and similar factors.

The creators of megaliths possessed vast knowledge about earth's geology and its energetic net; qualities of quarts and other stones'; qualities of this particular region and human psychology.

In ancient times there was an ancient observatory on these islands, the priests of which compiled calendars, using their observations heavenly bodies. Here in the Temple of Nature especially important rituals took place.

But the discoveries which allow to estimate the creators' knowledge of astronomy, mathematics and physics do not give an opportunity to guess about the main megalithic mysteries. Why the constructions situated in different parts of the world are so similar? What civilizations created them and the main question - what for?

Probably we have complexes, functioning according unknown to us principals? In certain days one can be cured there, in others one should meditate, "broaden mentality', and in others it is better avoid visiting these places or visit them with restrictions?

Which else questions can these megalithic constructions ask us and where the answers can lead?

The results of this expedition will be summed up later and meanwhile we are enjoining the photos made by Vladimir and Sergey.

The remains of ancient civilizations always attract people's attention. Probably we will never learn who was that mysterious northern nation which left after itself stone heritage. Probably they possessed a compound complex of knowledge kept by special group of people, who made prophecy, foretelling and initiations. And probably each inhabitant of Hyperborea possessed this knowledge?

In every part of our world there are special places. They are often called places of power, places of energy, sacral centers, crossroads of dimensions. There stream life-force natural currents and one opens himself and understands the things clearly.

If you search for Truth you can go to Tibet or to the country of ancient Hyperborea. According to our guests, we are lucky; we have no need to travel, as we have everything here. The rich heritage of ancient civilization in Belomorye is not touched by time and people. Get acquainted with ancient mysteries.

For information

Vladimir Melnik - photographer and traveler, member of expedition of Wildlife Discovery Club, to archipelago Franc-Josef Land "Following the two captains"

Sergey Balalaev - scientist, traveler, organizer of many expeditions into the most interesting places of the planet. Last years he devoted to studying the Earths' sacral places.

The active natural states are cycle and we know them since school years: days of winter and summer solstice, days of vernal and autumnal equinox, days of new moon and full moon and other.

The helicopter starts from helicopter place near the eco-hotel "Letnaya Zolotitsa"

To Kuzov's archipelago - 77

To Solovky - 40

You are welcome!

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