Youth looks at this world with eyes widely opened. It is the time of life when you think that you know about this world much and at the same time little. It is time when you want to break away from parents and to test yourself. To move, to search, to make your own discoveries and receive revelations from the world. Journeys, adventures, drive, strength testing, friendship, confidence.

It's not the truth that our children lost in world web of Internet, became passive and indifferent. They just perceive life in another way. Immediate access to huge amount of information doesn't prevent them from sport and art. The same as comfortable life conditions do not prevent from outings to scenery with campfire, baked potato and nights in tent. And communication with friends will not substitute wish to spend time with relatives.

Eco-hotel «Letnaya Zolotitsa» invites your family into enthralling adventure. To the places where nature is primordial and full of vital energy, where you can start to live real life and learn true values. Onezhskiy peninsula is undoubtedly unique nature study corner in the Russian North. Here, as nowhere in European part of Russia, are preserved untouched landscapes of vast forest territories. Sea surroundings and isolation contribute much to unusual combination and whim web of zonal, intrazonal and even azonal plant conjunctions.

Our experienced instructors will take you through different eco-routes, where at a small distance very different landscapes are situated: sandy dunes and stone scatterings on seashore, northern taiga and central taiga forests, supplying rivers, tundra and forest tundra with plenty of lakes, grasslands and marsh systems. A kind of museum of natural zones.

You can walk along eco-paths of not separate types of plants or animals, but definite eco-systems, noting the cleanliness of water bodies, there are about 2000 of them here, and extraordinarily pure air. The causes are objective. Juniper cleans air from toxic gas and microorganisms like a pump. Marshes are natural filters. Moss, taiga. Besides there are no polluters on the island and hydrographic web is absolutely isolated.

Eco-routs are different in form, content and duration. Only you can choose. It may be 1.5 hour walk to the nearest Paraninskoye lake or photo hunt and observation of ringed seal, sea hare or white whales on Konyukhov's bay, taking 8-10 hours, or trip on cross-country vehicle «Argo» to Chesmenskiy lighthouse, the observation ground of which opens astonishing views. Foot excursion to confluence of two rivers is also very interesting. You can go fishing and gather medicinal herbs - 2 hours if you go with brisk pace and up to 2 days, if you walk without hurry and make ex-route stops in interesting places and with tea-drinking.

You are awaited by huge boulders - witnesses of glacial period, bears' traces on seashore sand, whitetail bald eagle, ant-hills which are of human height and higher, juniper thickets, delicately-green velvet moss carpets, covering dunes.

Letniy seashore of the White Sea distinguishes by particular microclimate. You will notice it at once, already on your way to eco-hotel. This particular microclimate tells on softness, warmth and comparative lateness in temperature. Why? There is no mysticism. In summer the sea cools air and in winter cooling off and giving warmth back, heats. Besides, warm convective flow from bowels of earth raises the temperature of soil - Letnaya Zolotitsa is situated in the zone of breaks intersection of geological foundation. This is probably the reason of unusual energetic, which is typical to places of "power".

For the lovers of mystics a new route - «Visit to Goblin» have been worked out this year. In two kilometers from Letnaya Zolotitsa village, over the right bank of Pavlovo lake is situated untouched forest. People say there on a marsh Goblin stats to confuse them. But with modern navigation devices you shouldn't be afraid. By the way you can train in country orientation. And finally, tickle your nerves, spending night in tent with Goblin somewhere near. Campfire, baked potatoes and bard songs are included.

On the way back you should visit the place, where at one time stood pagan idols and still before that was prehistoric heathen temple, walk along «Hyperborey road» in order to load with energy and mighty force of ancient, left from glacial period, boulders. Surf waves and rises and falls of the tide open sea material. For Onezhskiy peninsula territory of Letnaya Zolotitsa serves as a good indicator of geodynamic and geomorphologic processes as they are clearly pronounced here. It is known that sea in Letniy shore is receding, stone fields are growing and dunes are moving.

Archaeological researches on the Letniy seashore of the White Sea showed, that people began to settle in these blessed places already in II-III century b.c. Dunes played their role in preservation of remains of ancient people living, because they settled right between dunes in order to protect themselves from wind. After people left these places, "walking" dunes occupied these territories and preserved all the things left.

One of such places was found about 100 years ago on the shore of Paraninskiy brook, but then it was left. Local children, playing in the sand, very often find silicon and earthenware things from everyday life of those times. You will have a possibility to hold a piece of history in your hands and the most romantic visitors will touch the time.

But that is not all!

Have you ever built a labyrinth from stones? This is not less absorbing pastime than picnic on the seashore or lake, walks on bicycles and cross-country vehicles, different games on scenery, catapult shooting championship, photo competition, well-meant caricature drawings, master class in samovar heating. All this is awaiting you in our hotel.

Full-blooded rest with drive will make your family more united and firm. And children will not have to cudgel their brains over composition with topic "How I spent my summer".

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