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Stars against cruelty

«...Our universe is a huge web of interlaced energies. If you touch one area of the cobweb, it will vibrate from top to bottom, impelling a spider to act. The same is true relatively to our universe. Not only everything existing takes your vibrations, but also strange vibrations influence you. In this sense we all are united. On can join this energy of unity in any area of life web...» in 1999 we chose ices of the White Sea.

Then appeared a project «Visit to newborn baby seals». It appeared due to International Fond of Animal Protection (IFAW) and especially due to getting acquainted with wonderful woman - Mariya Vorontsova, who was at the head of Russian branch of this Fond. It was she, who told us a story of Greenland seals of the White Sea and about problems, connected with hunting baby seals. And invited us to visit Zimniy shore of the White Sea, where this abominable hunting was organized.

What we have seen in 1999 shocked us in many sides: combination of unique places and events which have been taking place there for centuries; desperate life of people abandoned there - all these couldn't leave us indifferent. There was some injustice from both sides of the conflict - the Green condemned local inhabitants in cruelty and slandered them and local inhabitants in their turn responded hardly to injustice of nature protecting organizations relatively to their traditional way of life.

One can't help nature and forget about people, as well as one can't try to create paradise on Earth for people and to destroy nature.

And then the idea appeared to create infrastructure of eco-tourism in the White Sea.«Everything is connected in the world; you are not a puppet, but also you are not an all-powerful master, you are an active knot in blending of different evolution threads of universe, which are coming from infinite expanse and going to infinite expanse». This idea attracted adherents: in 2002 the foundation of eco-hotel "Letnaya Zolotitsa on the White Sea shore began; in 2008 there came "Celebrities raiding party" to protect baby seals (thanks to Centre of Animal Rights Protection "VITA"); in 2009 Vladimir Putin, to everyone's astonishment, signed a decree, forbidding to hunt baby seals of Greenland seals in Russia. Instead of hunting a unique type of tourism is being developed there now - tours "Visit to newborn baby seals" and unique for Russia and the North type - eco-hotel "Letnaya Zolotitsa".

And now let us remember the statements of those who helped us in this kind deed. Their voices and actions, which seemed to be weak and insignificant, but appeared in right place and in right time released great inner power and abilities of people, cultural association and sate.

«We are sure, that our project will draw much attention to this problem not only of Russian public but also of the world public. We have the first success - this year there will be no baby seals hunting. However we want this prohibition of hunting to become legislative and we want the prohibition to concern all ages of baby seals. Earlier the government of Archangel region addressed to State Committee of Fishing with request to prohibit hunting of baby seals till 1-year age. Besides famous artists and zoo protectors also addressed with the same request to leaders of our country.» (Irina Novozhilova, the president Centre of Animal Rights Protection " Centre of Animal Rights Protection "VITA")

«I went there to say that one can't hunt baby seals, - tells Laima Vaikule. - But now I am sure that we must just shout about it! Seals as well as people are being pregnant with their babies. And they are being pregnant for 11 months... There on the White Sea I understood that I was one of them. One of those who are killed sheer for pennies, for furs. They are killed by hired killers, who have lost their humanity long ago. How much pain and tears are there in that fur coat!» (Laima Vaikule, singer)

«Seal hunting is an old, out-of-date rudiment, to which we, civilized people, should say good-bye. It is time to understand that furs are not decent and fashionable any more. And a person who can kill baby has great trouble with his head. I appeal to Russia for prohibition of baby seals hunting. They are very similar to human kids - they also cry and call their mothers». (Laima Vaikule, singer)

«It's terrible. If we do not stop, then let us wait for the reply of nature to our children». (Chulpan Khamatova, actress)

«Even the words "socioeconomic agreement to babies hunting» and "quota for hunting" - offend the ear of every normal person. Baby seals' eyes are like the eyes of my small son. I want to save the world in which he is living from horror, made by people». (Victor Gusev, sport commentator of the 1st channel)

«Our world is a unified organism, which can be compare with human body. When you by accident cut a finger with knife, it is painful for the whole body. The same is here, the problem of baby seals hunting seems to be not noticeable, but it is a deep cut on a body of the whole world». (Dmitry Dyuzhev, actor)

«It is a normal reaction of mentally healthy person to protect somebody who is weak. It is immorally and abominably to kill living beings if you can avoid their death. Compassion and kindness are the same as for people as for animals. Ability to feel pain of others - this quality is applied to all living creatures, therefore it is credulous and silly to say - let us first go over people and only after that animals». (Konstantin Rayikin, actor, producer)

The protest was supported by:

Laima Vaikule, Andrey Makarevich, Konstantin Raykin, Artemiy Troitskiy, Elena Kamburova, Mikhail Shirvindt, Oleg Gasmanov, Alyona Sviridova Alexander F. Sklyar ("Va-Bank"), Renata Litvinova, Irina Khakamada, Grogoriy Gladkov, Yuriy Antonov, Alexander Rozenbaum, Oleg Nesterov ("Megapolis"), Delphin, Ilya Lagutenko ("Mumiy Troll"), the group "Stenokardiya", etc.

And also:Theater on Taganka:

Anatoliy Vasilyev, honored actor of Russia
Valeriy Zolotukhin, honored actor of Russia
Dalvin Sherbakov, honored actor of Russia
Vitaliy Shapovalov, honored actor of Russia
Viktor Shulyakovskiy, honored actor of Russia
Alexander trofimov, honored actor of Russia
Timur Badalbeili, honored actor of Russia, etc;

And also:Chekhov's MAT

Andrey Myagkov, people's actor of Russia
Natalya Tenyakova, people's actress of Russia
Darya Yurskaya, actress
Igor Vernik, honored actor of Russia
Vladimir Krasnov, honored actor of Russia,etc.;

And also:

Alexander Tsigal, sculptor, academician of Russian academy of Arts
Ivan Kazanskiy, sculptor, academician of Russian academy of Arts
Sergey Tsigal, artist
Tatyana Drubich, actress, doctor, teledictor
Sergey Solovyov, producer, people's actor of Russia
Andrey Bilzho, artist
Sergey Sereda, president of Association of practicing veterinary doctors in Russia
Ilona Gonsovskaya, artist
Evgeniy Chernousov, lawyer
Irina Ozyornaya, journalist
Anton Lange, photographer, zoologist
Valentin Gaft, people's actor of Russia
Andrey Urgant, actor
Ivan Urgant, teledictor
Alfira Arslanova chief editor of magazine "KultPokhod"
Victor Gusev, sport commentator
professor Nikolay Drozdov, author of the program (In the world of animals"
Sergey Bezrukov, people's actor of Russia
Chulpan Khamatova, honored actress of Russia
Dmitriy Dyuzhev, actorNikolay Fomenko, Russian musician, actor, radio- and teledictor, autoracer
Klara Novikova, people's actress of Russia
professor Alexander Belyaev, directoe deputy in Institute of Geography RAN
Mikhail Efremov, theater and cinema actor Larisa Verbitskaya, teledictor
Artur Chilingarov, well-known explorer of the Arctic and The Antarctic, prominent scientists-oceanologist, man of politics, Hero of the Soviet Union and Hero of the Russian Federation, doctor of geographical sciences.

And also:

Andrey Arshavin, forwarder of football team "Zenit"


And also:

Top models of Russia and the world:

Kseniya Markova, Fannita Gromova, Tatyana Chechetova, Violetta Agibalova, Anastasiya Zhoglo, Mariya Semenenko, Diana Zaripova, Elena Sudakova, Evgeniya Bazarova, Anastasiya Drozdova, Aleksandra Sukhova, Margarita, Muldagalieva, Yana Avdeeva, Anna Kuznetsova, Yasmina Muratovich and other.

The appeal was also undersigned by: participant of show "You are super model-1" Tolstikova Evgeniya, participant of reality-show "12 negroes" Fomina Anna and the winner of beauty competition "Miss of Russia 2005" Zaripova Diana;


And also:

Moscow Pushkin's Dramatic theater:

Roman Kozak, artistic director of the theater, honored artist of Russia
Vera Alentova, people's actress of Russia
Vyacheslav Orlov, director of the theater
Alexander Feklistov, actor
Olga Andreykina, director of literature department
Andrey Sokolov, actor
Ekaterina Klochkova, actress

Natalya Reva-Ryadinskaya, actress
Alexey Dadonov, actor
and many other actors and employees of the theater (72 signatures);


And also:

Igor Yasulovich, people's actor of Russia


And also:

Luna theater, artistic director of the theater people's actor of Russia Sergey Prokhanov...


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