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15 reasons to visit Letniy Seashore (Summer Coast)



1. The Summer Coast on the White Sea. It is named Summer for its warm climate, the gentle softness of its colours and the breathtaking variety of nature.

2. Eco-hotel "Letnya Zolotitsa". Unusual silence abounds here. The silence that leaves you speechless, silence worth listening to... Here, on the White Sea coast, near the walls of the Solovetsky monastery, amid the stones and sketes, blessed by prayers, it seems that time stays still and that space is infinite. You may flow into another Reality here.

3. Gandvik, the Bay of Magic, was the medieval name for the White Sea. For its uniqueness..., inexplicability..., attractiveness... It is here, where Beluga whales and Harp seals come to give birth and raise their offspring... It is here where migrating birds return to nest and hatch their chicks... It is here where salmon reach the wild rivers...

4. There are fewer and fewer places like this left on Earth - with a remarkable atmosphere full of the energy of life...

5. Eco-hotel "Letnya Zolotitsa" is for those who enjoy silence, freedom and a healthy lifestyle. "Forbes" magazine has named it among the best ten country hotels in Russia. There are only 12 suites here; it is carefully designed to create a warm, cosy, and relaxing atmosphere... Local organic food and spring water are served... Solitude is combined with a wide range of interesting activities.

6. Healing procedures of "Letnyaya Zolotitsa" are unique: stone therapy combined with a Russian sauna, the White Sea seaweed body wrap massage, northern forest berries, and herbal teas... The health packages provide gentle impact.

7. There are also unique treatments: sand baths with seaweed on the shore, barrels with heated seawater, sea silt and medical mud from the surrounding lakes...The seaweeds of the White Sea are worth mentioning. They are gathered here between the Summer Coast and Solovki... Scientific research proves that the nutrients of the White Sea seaweed are unique and have healing powers. Their bioactive components outweigh those found in the seaweeds of the Pacific and the Atlantic Oceans.

8. Natural factors such as peacefulness, sea, forest, air, water, and organic produce have a beneficial impact on people..."Royal fruit cloudberry". Crowberry, considered by Japanese scientists, to be the natural detox remedy. The delicious and healthy bilberry. The tree juniper, called the northern grape, can reach the age of two thousand years. Fish and seafood balance our healthy diet... The organic gifts of nature are freshly prepared. That`s why the food in the hotel is not only healthy, but also delicious.

9. «The land where the world began»... What do we know about this area? Ancient sites which date back to the year two thousand B.C. have been discovered here. That according to the legend Sergey Esenin and Zinaida Raih stayed here at the beginning of the XX century... That once this coast was tied to the Solovetsky archipelago by a land bridge.

10. he attractions of the White Sea - there are lots of them here. Megaliths comparable to Stonehenge. Traces of legendary Hyperborea, described by the ancient historians. Primeval sites... This stone pyramid dating back to the Ice Age... Plenty of myths and legends about it have originated since then...Sometimes contradictory...

11. "(and About)" The Solovetsky archipelago... The heart of the pagan tradition and the stronghold of the Orthodox religion... The land of deliberate reclusion and area of forced isolation... The monastery, translated from Greek as "to live alone", is the centre of public events for pilgrims and travellers. The Solovetsky archipelago is rich in the number of surviving historical and cultural monuments. There are a lot of labyrinths, burial mounds, and ancient temples dating from three thousand B.C. The monastery founded in the XVI century is the high-water mark of Novgorodkaya School of architecture... It is no mere chance that the Solovetsky historical and cultural complex, located on 5 islands, is included in UNESCO World Heritage list...

12. «If Solovky is the Holy Land, than Anzer is the Holy of Holies. It is second largest island of the Solovetsky archipelago. The Blessed land, the place under the auspices of Virgin Mary. The monks evolved and worked through the ages here. Discipline has always been the distinguishing feature of life in Anzer. Nowadays it is a nature reserve area, not everyone can enter here.

13. In early spring Harp seals appear in the waters of the White Sea. Every year they come back to this natural beauty to give birth. Harp seal cows give birth to only one baby seal. In two weeks it weighs over 30kg, and is fed on its mother`s creamy milk. It is possible to commune with white, fluffy, black-eyed baby seal resembling live soft toy, only in two places of the world. One of them is here. Only few are lucky to touch these magnificent creatures of nature.

14. Fishing is also unique around Letnaya Zolotitsa. You can fish either in a river, or in a lake, or in the sea. One may catch much whitebait; one if lucky may take a large trophy. Anyway there will be memories to share.

15. You are welcome to "Letnaya Zolotitsa" anytime of the year. Relax in a cosy and comfortable suite. Run away here from fuss and tension of the outside world. Your trip will be unforgettable full of impressions. Be aware that there is much more to discover, we simply had no time to tell you more.

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