APRIL. AWAKENING. Or "Clocks of eternal happiness".


Last year my summer holidays began already in May. Beautiful hotel in Emirates, situated on a Persian Bay in the middle of handmade oasis with luxuriant plants and flocks of green parrots. Sun, comfort, my kid is all day long in a swimming pool, delicious meals, and well-trained, polite service personnel. Then two weeks in apartments in Bulgaria - cool but incredibly dark-blue sea, red poppies on seashore among unreal green grass, black sands gleaming in sunrays, vigorously blooming bushes and trees, deserving brushes of impressionists. And at last two months in Chernogoriya together with my kid, for the sake of my kid, everything is for my kid - fresh mountain air, sea, fruits, excursions, the tastiest yoghurt and bread, cooked in an oven, using firewood. My kid grew up, got sun burnt, grew stronger, and learnt to swim.
Late August we were again in Moscow. I met with my friend; we shared impressions about summer trips, looked through photos.

Soon her husband came and at once paid me "a compliment": «Why are you so pale? Was not at rest at all? Your skin is tinged with yellow (it is about my golden tan!) and you wasted away...» We didn't allow him to continue certainly, but on coming home I rushed to a mirror and found all his remarks fair. Guided by feminine cast-iron logic (if South couldn't make me prettier and healthier, I should move to the North) I decided to go to the North and devote a week only to myself. Friends of mine have long ago dined into my ears information about health-improving programs in eco-hotel, situated on Letniy shore of the White Sea.

I looked through a site and booked a room. Early September I was already sitting in an open verandah with a cup of fragrant tea, made of local herbs, breathing in smell of newly baked bread (in the hotel they always bake it themselves). I had an impression as though I have just returned to my best friends, which missed me and looked forward to meeting me. Or possibly I have seen this place in my dreams?


The flight Moscow - Archangelsk was short and easy. In Talagy airport I was met and driven by car to Vaskovo, where helicopter waited for us. I have never flown by helicopter before. It was a real adventure (in good sense of this word)! The height was not more than 300 meters; everything around was colored in all tints of blue, green, claret, brown and yellow. We saw some unreal landscapes, marvelous sea with round skyline, lakes with forest islands, looking like pieces of green fur, rivers, taiga, unique round marshes... I seized camera and clicked the shutter until we landed right on the beach, not far from hotel on a specially fitted out helicopter ground. I had a lot of beautiful photos and was full of absolutely childish delight!
Moscow saw me off with melancholy rain and the White Sea coast met me with warm sunny weather!

Long sandy beach, pretty, looking like in fairy-tale, small bridge over a brook, a cosy bathhouse standing on a hill and two cedar fonts in front of it. Further on forest with winding paths carefully laid on with stone. Huge log house solemnly standing among golden pine trees under the tent of light-blue sky. On lawns we saw moss, cowberries, heather, mushrooms! Compositions of boulders of different types and tints. No other way to say than ECO in capital letters. This was the way eco-hotel "Letnaya Zolotitsa" met me.

I left my things in a room and had a rest on verandah, waiting for a light dinner, not even realizing that the time began to flow in another way.

Then we had dinner and after that excursion over the territory of hotel and its neighborhood. Everything around seemed to be glad to me: people smiled friendly, the spring merrily babbled, lettuce in hothouse showed green as though in spring and sea lapped so gently that I dared to walk in water barefoot. And this autumn northern sea turned to be warm! I understood that I fell in love with it forever!

Consultation of a doctor, supper with local fish dishes and rich program for evening, including bathhouse full of mint fragrance; relaxing massage accompanied by charming mix of music and sounds of nature; and in between herb tea with northern honey and cloudberries.

Before going to bed, I opened the window wide in order to breathe in fragrance of sea and forest and fell asleep with sea surf sound and pine-trees murmur as a baby.

And certainly I overslept! I missed morning run, exercises, morning tea and hardly had time for breakfast. I excused myself because I haven't had such a good sleep for a long time and ate cottage cheese pie with relish.

According to my personal daily program I went for a walk together with instructor on sound way of life. He set rather high speed of going and lead us across broken ground for us to bear in mind that it was not just a walk but "terrainkur" and we should cover not less than 5 km a day. Soon we begged for mercy and swore that tomorrow we would cover more. Our prayers were heard but we kept our promises too and our speed and distance grew with each day. We felt such flexible approach of personnel in everything. They cherished and tended us, paid special attention to each of us and considered every wish.

The adaptive health-improving program that I chose in Moscow was planned for a week and included several stages: cleaning, adaptation and satiation. It was based on positive emotions, comfort and joy. Process of cleaning included neither exhausting diets nor offensive enema. The main role was drawn to pure air, clear environment, spring water, beauty and energy of nature and natural remedies. My body free from struggle against bad ecology, cheered up and I felt that each cell of it was full of energy and purity.

Each day was planned on minutes: morning procedures, (which I missed on first day to my regret), daily terrainkur with respiratory exercises, bathhouse, font, different types of massage, pilling, exercises in sports hall, aromatherapy, different herb-teas and rational diet. Each procedure, each aroma, each tea was coordinated with my condition and depended on time of day, moon phase and natural cycle. The efficiency of health improvement increased because of inner programs and health algorithms comprehension. It turned out that consideration of organism's biorhythms helped to improve the health owing to inner reserves release. Simple, standing the test of time, biologically active substances allowed to receive quick result when used on special scheme, aimed at normalization of each organ's biorhythm.

I took several books, videos and computer with me, but all this was left unused because in free time I was longing to walk, communicate and make photos. We rode bicycles, floated on boats, picked mushrooms and berries. We had to make an effort to go away from meadows full of berries: first we ate cowberries with whortleberries, then whortleberries with bilberries and then began all over again. By the way it was very useful exercise: bend, falling out on your right leg, head rotation, falling out on your left leg, head rotation, standing up straight, step or two forward, squatting and so on. Besides chewing muscles were working hard and therefore muscles of face and neck were strengthened.

In evenings we played table games, draw, learned to relax, did needlework (got acquainted with local crafts, made souvenirs ourselves).

Or gathered in bathhouse and warmed ourselves, made beauty treatment, discussed latest news and made plans for next day, among them for example fishing.

The bathhouse of "Letnaya Zolotitsa" eco-hotel became one of my most favorite places. The stove there was heated only by firewood, switches of green birch twigs were steeped into picturesque wooden tubs, fresh bath-towels were always ready, samovar boiled, honey and cloudberries were always on table. In the bathhouse there was not only spacious sweating room, shower room, smart rest room where you could have herb teas prepared by local folk-healers, but also small but very cosy massage room. During a week I went through four types of massage and experienced all feelings: from very pleasant to rather painful, but pleasant prevailed.

Unusual northern massage was combined with informative talks and light psychotherapy.

And local honey massage (rather painful) astonished me with its effectiveness! I was horrified, when I saw what had happened to golden honey after its usage, how much dirt it dragged out of me. Looking at muddy substance, I understood that not for nothing I went through this painful experience.

Quite another thing was wrapping up with fresh seaweeds! And still better - warm cedar font with seaweeds: pine trees and starry sky above your head, marvelous orange-colored sunset, lilac twilight, pleasing drizzle of fresh rain and sounds of sea. You were lying and enjoying yourself while your skin absorbed and passed to blood useful substances from seaweeds. Seriously, they contain vitamins, microelements, polyunsaturated acids Omega-3, pectin, enzymes, macro and microelements. All this information I got from a booklet. And as for myself I experienced all the magic of this source of satiation.

All this beauty revealed an artist and poet in me. I wrote several enthusiastic letters to my friends and relatives. In reply I received: "Longing to join you immediately!" E-mail is a great thing! By the way mobiles were not working in the hotel, but any time a day we could contact using satellite link or Internet.

TVs were also working using satellite link, but it was absolutely illogic to sit in your room and watch TV among all this beauty!!!

Each morning I opened my window wide and admired the landscape. I plunged into meditations about eternity and happiness of every moment. Time now stood still and now rushed at a furious race.

It was time to return home. We are always sorry to leave the places where you feel good. But our sorrow was light and I felt unusual easiness, I lost 3 kg absolutely without noticing it, my back straightened (due to massage), skin became healthy and pink, I got used to do morning exercises and to stretch myself n the evening. Without herb-teas I can't imagine my life now. And I denied myself coffee. I was not so pleased with myself for ages and was looking forward to returning to Moscow in order to meet with my friends and to hear real compliments.

The North exceeded all my expectations. Wonderful photos are only echo of what you feel in reality! Tints of colors, smells, textures, sense merges into state of absolute happiness!

It turns out that if you want to improve your health, you don't need only South and only summer. Autumn wedges of swans and wild ducks are not less picturesque than flocks of green parrots. Local inhabitants told us that they once had seen a pelican in a swan wedge. How could he get into it was unknown but it was obvious that he preferred North to the South. Even a bird understood where it was better!

It is spring soon and birds of passage will return back to their native land.

So do I want to return in April to Letnaya Zolotitsa together with my friend this time. I want to feel nature's awakening: to see first thawed patches, snowdrops, swelling buds, floating of ice, courting places in the forest, white seals in the sea, ringed seals on the stones, to receive store of energy and positive emotions.

I brought souvenir made by northern masters named "Clocks of eternal happiness» and I am awaiting the beginning of spring.

And besides I decided to celebrate my birthdays in "reverse order", becoming younger and younger each year!

And the time flows in another way for me now!

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