Chimes strike midnight. Cherished aspirations. Glass of champagne. Congratulations. Presents. Plans for the year forthcoming.There are plenty of plans and each of them – gigantic. This year you should find time to succeed through new heights, to surpass competitors, to find something that nobody have found before, to see something you have never seen, to study, to create, to build. You shouldn’t be at a standstill!For new achievements you need new energy.

 Long Christmas holidays give possibility to go through complete course: from cleaning to filling both physically and spiritually.

 For a long time during these days people in Russia usually went to bathhouse and kept the fast, because outer cleanliness contributes to inner and spiritual cleanliness.

Eco-hotel “Letnaya Zolotitsa” offers an excellent cleaning program, based on main principles of modern medical studies “endoecology”, which give wonderful means of cleaning both at innercellular and intercellular levels. This program effectively matches with traditional Russian bathhouse, ice font, seaweed SPA, northern and honey massage, well-balanced diet, spring water, drinks made of forest berries and herb-teas prepared on recipes of local folk-healers.

Thus, excellent possibility to begin New Year renewed is created. And even if you are oppressed by long celebration with its numerous feasts, here you get a wonderful possibility to overcome this problem with the help of absolute diet.As we are situating close to Solovetskiy archipelago, we offer our guests to visit this land of abundance, where one can touch eternal values by mind and heart and fill oneself with energy and spirit.

Pomor old-residents tell that an ordinary stone taken near the walls of Solovetskiy monastery and thrown into deserted well, will clean its water and make it fresh. Such is the power of these places.People come to Solovki from everywhere. Common people and high rankers. Kings and presidents. Governors and mayors. During the time of monastery existence several times regal persons visited it. Twice in 1699 and 1702 Peter I disembarked on Solovki. In the end of 1844 Solovki were visited by His Highness Grand Duke Konstantin Nikolaevich, brother of Emperor Nikolay I. Nowadays the islands were visited by President of Russia V.V.Putin, Patriarch of Moscow and all Russia Aleksiy II, Patriarch of Moscow and all Russia Kirill, Prince Charles and many other grand persons. 

Eco-hotel “Letnaya Zoloitsa” guests already not for the first year take part in ceremony of Baptism, held on Anzer island. Situated there Golgofa mountain is one of the saint places in Russia. Golgof lake is situated near it. This place is distinguished by special sanctity. Its visiting is restricted for tourists even in summertime.

Bathing in ice-hole during Baptism on Anzer lake, visit to Filippovskaya church, where all the sacred things of Solovetskiy monastery are kept in winter, will allow to sense something really divine, to look at your life in another way, “to reload” and make first steps towards what have been planned. Visit to Solovki is a rare chance for a person. He can return with changed spirit and inner sensation from there.

Only in our country we celebrate an extraordinary holiday Old New Year. It reflects the wish of Russian people to live in illusion and shows relativity of time and convention of dates. If you want to have an effective business and good personal relations, you should form a correct estimate of reality. Our hotel offers you to spend some time in illusion, in atmosphere of surprises, paradoxes and creativity. Together with characters of fairy-tale about Alice you will learn to understand better yourself and people around you, to look at this world from different directions. You will feel that sometimes everything is not like it seems to be. Our program includes interesting quest-walks in the open, intuitive drawing and other creative pastime.

Your life will acquire many sides and you will desire to recast it in a new way.

If you would like to take children with you, they will not have to be bored. You can roll from hills, race on snowmobiles, compete in winter fishing, in evenings take part in entertainment programs, play table-games, drink tea from samovar with fragrant honey sitting near a fire-place or in a dining room, painted in folk style by northern masters. You can walk in forest or on the seashore, learning the skill to discern the traces of animals.

It’s a wonderful time to have a rest from work, to spend time with your family or with yourself, when you can hear your inner voice, your heart and look at your life as though from outside, become a master of your reality, of your life.

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