9 reasons to visit «Letnaya Zolotitsa» in March



Every year during March holidays many visitors wishing to meet the Northern wonder - newborn baby seals, come to Letnaya Zolotitsa.

This month we traditionally devote to WOMAN. And as we are speaking about HER, we will name 9 reasons to visit nobody but us, as it usually do all glossy magazines.

First reason: in right time in a right place.

May be somebody will be surprised, but the 8th of March (or just women day) which is usually celebrated in the first month of spring coincides in time with baby seals birth in White Sea. Our hotel is built in place which is especially convenient to start your way to baby seals meeting.

Second reason: brilliant decision.

Men will not have to rack their brains in order to be original and generous. Just present your love with a tour - it is a holiday at the world's end with ice champagne on the seashore, certificate to a SPA-saloon and a course of rare northern massage at the same time.

Third reason: we provide safety and security.

The baby seal program is already 12 years old! We have the most experienced instructors. Our expedition leader Oleg Prodan was at the sources of seal observations origin in Russia. He took an active part in company forbidding seal hunting. An idea to build "Letnaya Zolotitsa" eco-hotel appeared because of wish to create an alternative trade for pomors: to accompany tourists while their tours with baby seals meetings, to give guests sincere reception in eco-hotel and to make them healthier by means of old pomor cuisine. Before staring a baby seal tour we carry out very serious preparatory work: study photos made from space in the period of ice formation, analyze ice situation, go into ice prospecting by planes, chose solid, safe and beautiful ice floe. We do our best in order not to worry baby seals seriously but to make them smile in screen and to calm their peaceful mothers while communication of people and the kids. We have our own helicopter place near eco-hotel and reliable partner-pilots, ice specialists and biologists, and the most valuable - may year experience in organizing White Sea and the arctic programs.

Fourth reason: richness of impressions and emotions at most.

During the helicopter trip you will have an opportunity to make wonderful scenery photos. During the flight over White Sea the most beautiful views are opening - unique multicolor patterns of ice field with its cracks, polynia and channels. The view in window is constantly changing: shoals of white whales, lonely walruses, numerous male seal monasteries, occupying huge ice floes. The impression you get here remains fresh throughout many years, because everything is simple, beautiful and concise on ice. Vast expanse, ice fields, seals with their babies and absolute idyll. The atmosphere is absolutely wonderful, you distract from everyday life and the whole world is perceived in a different way. Cosmonaut Vitaly Sevastyanov compared his impression from these sights and the sights from space. He says it is the same global sight. You perceive everything in light of purity, freedom and simplicity. There is no that complexity of your everyday life with its plenty of trifles, which doesn't let you to understand something very important.

Fifth reason: touch Eternity.

You will have a possibility to visit Golgofo-Raspyatsky skit situated on Anzer islands. It is a blessed place under a special protection of God's Mother. Here on an isolated part of land, for many centuries lived and labored hermits. Life regulations were especially strict here. Anzer is reserve territory, you can go sightseeing only after Blessing. Skit, rarely visited even in summer, will meet you majestically and magnificently. Whitestone temple directed high into the air, a birch looking like a cross, saint lake laying at the foot of Anzer mountain, boundless expanse of sea - all these will fill you with an impression of absolute purity. In this unique place even snow creates unusual images: marten, sitting on tree, running squirrel, little men.

Sixth reason: the worst is to wait and to catch up.

While waiting for a helicopter you will not be bored or experience negative emotions. Our helicopter place is situated right near the hotel. You can have a good sleep, go skiing or just walk along cosy forest paths, have a good meal in a smart dining-room, go to a bath-house, relax in cedar font. Seaweed SPA and unique northern massage, creative programs and psychological trainings (on your wish) will help you to relax and overload you with energy.

Seventh reason: splendid fishing.

While women enjoy northern SPA, men can rush on snowmobiles towards on of plenty picturesque lake and compete there in fishing with delicious pomor fishing soup after that. We will accompany you during fishing, show you the places with a lot of fish and cook a soup.

Eighth reason: storeroom of northern trades.

We have wonderful souvenir shop, where each quest can find a present for him, his friends and even for kids. You will find here decorated caskets, blankets made of scraps, hand-made soap, birds of happiness, mittens and socks with ornament. And certainly nice toy baby seal.

Ninth reason: Wonderful changes are waiting for you.

Female beauty will shine with new colors. Relationships will acquire new tints. It happens, that after visiting baby seal programs, the couples gave birth to the most beautiful, long-awaited, cleverest kids. Tender, feminine girls and strong, brave boys.

Here you will understand that dreams come true! Let it be as often as possible!

Congratulations! See you soon!

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