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Unprecedented on location, ecology and quality eco-hotel "Letnaya Zolotitsa", built on Letniy (the warmest) coast of the White Sea is among 10 the best out-of-town Russia's hotels (according to "Forbs" estimation).


The territory of the eco-hotel is a place in northern taiga with natural borders: Zolotitsa river, the White Sea, Paraninskiy brook. The place is unique, because on a rather small are there are sectors of different geographic zones.

There are no automobile roads and mobile telephones there. This unusual eco-hotel has its own precise rules and policy. Nobody is allowed to smoke inside eco-hotel. The nearest neighbors are the village on the other side of the river and Solovki over the sea. There are no strange eyes and strange noise there.

Made by hand log house harmonically blends with local landscape. Ecologically clean materials, hand technologies, cosy home atmosphere. There are wonderful open verandahs in the eco-hotel with views of the sea. We pay special attention to create feelings of comfort, care and taking up leisure. If there is a need we provide clothes and different small things necessary for comfortable rest in the countryside. We possess wonderful possibilities to organize unusual celebrations on the scenery.

In step-distance there situates sandy beach edged with forest, picturesque groups of boudlers can be found there. On the seashore one can see sea birds and animals. Availability of seaweeds allows doing exclusive SPA-procedures right on the shore. Wild beach disposes toward weaklings and sport exercises in the open air.

This place is as though created by nature especially for secluded ecological rest in surroundings of pine forest, numerous lakes and rivers. Real natural health resort with very mild for the North microclimate and variety of landscapes. Silence. Cleanliness. Primordiality. Air full of curative action. The purest spring water. Underwater forests of seaweeds, juniper meadows, pines, heather, white moss, sandy dunes and stone deposits contribute much to formation of special microclimate. Paved paths. Mushrooms and berries grow right on lawns.

The menu consists of fresh northern ecologically clean products, including seaweeds, cloudberries, cranberries, cowberries, voronika, whortleberries, honey, mushrooms, and fish. The diet contributes much to integrated system of health improvement.

Health improvement is based on using local resources. Eco-SPA doesn't mean treatment but right health improvement with usage of fresh seaweeds, seawater, ethereal oils, natural mud and preparations made of seaweeds and other natural substances. Bathhouse, cedar barrels, herbal teas, berries, honey, different types of massage and curative sea- and forest-climate allow to receive splendid result.

The area of sport hall is 40 square meters. In winter a special hill for going tobogganing is fitted out. In any season and in any weather terrainkur on the seashore and in pine forest among moss and juniper is possible. Helicopter ground, cross-country vehicles, which can overcome snows and marshes, boats provide the possibility of far walks and fishing.

We organize eco-camps for children school age.

 BEGINNING. FROM NOUGHT TO INFINITY  Chimes strike midnight. Cherished aspirations. Glass of champagne. Congratulations. Presents. Plans for the year forthcoming.There are plenty of plans and each of them – gigantic. This year you should find time to succeed through new heights, to surpass competitors, to find something that nobody have found before, to see something you have never seen, to study, to create, to build. You shouldn’t be at a standstill!For new ...
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SPA for men in the North. The energy of power.   Winter... In your window you see a gloomy day, raw wind, grey snow. The passers-by look tired, cars - dirty, crows - untidy and displeased with absolutely everything. The stacks smoke and your darling grumbles. The forthcoming celebration promises just another feast with overeating and the same people, the same talks. Your face looks at you from the mirror tired since early morning. Change everything! Leave for desert island! Go to the ...
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9 reasons to visit «Letnaya Zolotitsa» in March OR FOR THE BEST OF WOMEN   Every year during March holidays many visitors wishing to meet the Northern wonder - newborn baby seals, come to Letnaya Zolotitsa. This month we traditionally devote to WOMAN. And as we are speaking about HER, we will name 9 reasons to visit nobody but us, as it usually do all glossy magazines. First reason: in right time in a right place. May be somebody will be surprised, but the ...
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APRIL. AWAKENING. Or "Clocks of eternal happiness".   Last year my summer holidays began already in May. Beautiful hotel in Emirates, situated on a Persian Bay in the middle of handmade oasis with luxuriant plants and flocks of green parrots. Sun, comfort, my kid is all day long in a swimming pool, delicious meals, and well-trained, polite service personnel. Then two weeks in apartments in Bulgaria - cool but incredibly dark-blue sea, red poppies on seashore among unreal green grass, ...
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ECO-WEDDING!    Spring came into its own with its 1st April jokes, ringing songs of icicles and cracking of ice floating. Sun is beating down. Hills and hillocks are becoming warm. Time of first flowers and young grass has come. Buds are swelling and bursting, sap is fermenting in trunks of trees, wood-grouses are uttering their mating calls, ringed seals are basking in the sun, seal cows are coming to bring up their babies. Together with awakening nature young girls are getting ...
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POMOR ADVENTURE Youth looks at this world with eyes widely opened. It is the time of life when you think that you know about this world much and at the same time little. It is time when you want to break away from parents and to test yourself. To move, to search, to make your own discoveries and receive revelations from the world. Journeys, adventures, drive, strength testing, friendship, confidence. It's not the truth that our children lost in world web of Internet, became passive and ...
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A DREAM ABOUT FRAGRANT SUMMER (tea of tavolga) PAINTERS, PLUNGE YOUR BRUSHES! July. The top of summer. From the coast of meadow river, glittering in gap of bushes, wind brings splendid smell. A bit languorous, sweet and as though especially fragrant. In low grounds, where in spring flood waters stay for a long time, as far as one can see, everything is covered with web of panicular floscules. That’s just the source of this splendid smell. It is tavolga blooming. Northern nature is in ...
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FASHION FOR ISOLATION WITH PRIMORDIALITI. Summer. It is extreme heat in city. And in fashion are eco-events, according to the latest news. Joint ascents to tops of mountains, rafting on rivers, rides on horses, jeeps, yachts and balloons and just going out on scenery have long ago entered corporative life. Nature decorations serve as wonderful background for conferences, seminars, business meetings and incentive tours. Number of places suitable for such business measures is uncountable. And ...
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IN SILENCE OF SUNSET. AT THE WORLD’S END. Not long ago my friends invited me to visit Letnaya Zolotitsa. First I thought, what could I find interesting and what should I do there. The North though romantic, doesn’t make my soul tremble on hearing about it, some village near Solovki though ancient, but there is nothing outstanding in it. And in general, I don’t want to move further north than St-Petersburg… But the trip made a great change in my notion of the world. Not ...
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ALONE WITH SEA. Autumn. It came unexpectedly, smoothly flowing from summer, like river flows into sea. Waking up on a new day morning I understood and realized: it was here. I got up, rubbed my eyes and looked out of window. Sunrays couldn’t reach the yard because of trees. Everywhere smell of autumn was felt. One more year was leaving. Forever. I thought before that the whole life was in front of me, that I was young and had many discoveries before. But now I realize that as a matter ...
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AND NOVEMBER IS A GOOD MONTH TOO! FISHING ON FIRST ICE. What should you do when first part of vacations is left, having satiated you with suntan, exotica, animation, all-inclusive and dancing till morning. When you got tired of constant festival, bright colours and hot. When on return back you understand that you want to stay in native, natural atmosphere… Decision came suddenly. My friend told me about her April vacations in eco-hotel “Letnaya Zolotitsa” and participation ...
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HYPERBOREA’S THRONE. WE ARE CELEBRATING THE BIRTHDAY OF SUN. THE DAY OF WINTER SOLSTICE IN “LETNAYA ZOLOTITSA”.   The 22nd of December is a day of winter solstice. During this day on "Letnaya Zolotitsa"s latitude the sun just a little rises above the skyline. It takes a rest in order to revive. And a nature gets into a special state revealing its miracles to people. This night we witnessed an unusual sight in the beach of eco-hotel "Letnaya Zolotitsa" during our night ...
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