Oleg Prodan. The Melody of silence in Arctic Region
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Oleg Prodan. General Director of the LTD Wildlife Discovery Club. The president of the autonomous noncommercial sport organization called the «Arctic world». The actual member of the Russian Geographical society. Honored polar explorer of Russia.

He was born August, 8 1961.

Education: aviation technological institute in Rybinsk, 1982. Mechanic engineer. Moscow academy of state and municipal administration (state and municipal administration), 2008.

Dreamed to become a pilot in childhood.

Career ladder: the paratrooper, the engineering designer, the design engineering bureau chief, the parachutist instructor, the youth international tourism bureau «Sputnik» chairman.

Opinion about the reasons of male predominance in business: «Men are egoists and they are afraid of the fact that women will control them openly, although, I think that women control us now. A man is a bread-winner from nature, there are places created for him, where it is possible to get anything - to fish, hunt; he understands an entire country as a place, where it is possible to get food. And a woman is a hearth keeper, she perceives a country as her home, therefore women search for a compromise while conducting business».

Enthusiasm about what he does today impelled a «desire to be a pioneer and to do that other people were not able to do before, but can use in future».

Reasons, complicating the development of business: «footboards» of bureaucrats and regress of our technical means in aviation».

The Belief: «I promised it - I will die but I will do!»

Interests: parachute jumping candidate master (1500 jumps) /from the article «Melody of the silence in the Arctic Region » by Olga Golubcova/

Since 1944 he is keen on the Arctic Region.


leg Prodan was late for the meeting: when came back by plane from Zolotitsa, at landing in Pertominsk he has conceded a place to the man hurried in Arkhangelsk, and himself reached by the ground on passing UAZ. But for the sake of his future story it was possible to wait even some hours. Oleg’s grandfather was gipsy, whence such an unusual surname, because of which mishaps occur to almost daily. But in Bulgaria, for example, Prodan - name same habitual, as Ivan for us. Oleg’s father was the military diver; the boy has done much of travelling with him. When Oleg was 13 years he has set off in the first expedition in structure of professional group of the geologists from a source of Yenisei. Antarctic Continent, Arctic Region and North Pole do not simply attract him, he has already visited everywhere. For association of isolated efforts of the enthusiasts on preservation and development of the Russian Arctic heritage he has organized and has headed Wildlife Discovery Club and INSO (independent noncommercial sports organization) "Polar world". Oleg considers:

- To Arctic Region the efficient manager is necessary. In a history many undertakings, which subsequently became geopolitical, economic and scientific breaks of global importance, were made by the fanatics - enthusiasts, frequently at complete indifference of the state or at the best at passive support. We bring in small feasible contribution to business of upholding of geopolitical interests of Russia in Arctic Region. For example, project "Seal Watch", directed on maintenance of life at northern breadthes, - first step to creation of an infrastructure at coast of the White Sea.

In March the Greenland seal comes here to give (second such place on the Earth - Magdalena island in Canada). Toms stand in a throat of the sea and wait, while mobile maternity hospital breaks off the silence by shouts of newborn seals. Zealous mothers feed babies with incredibly nutritious (about 50 percents of fat) milk, and babies grow directly on eyes, collecting in weight up to two kilos per day. Two weeks of feeding pass, and White Sea herd (there are thousand of them!) is removed with drifting ice floe.

- The white fluffy lumps with huge sad eyes do not leave indifferent any participant of ecological expedition. The seal maternity house on drifting ice floe are not a crate of a zoo to you. Friendly white seals peep a word "mum", move and are not afraid of the man. Communicating with animals on ice, one forgets about dangers of a civilization.

There is a term "zootherapy". An almost magic means. In West the doctors consider, that the animals are simply created to bring health to the people. To touch, to embrace, to stroke, - after dialogue with white seals the man feels much better. Mysteriously, but the weariness, the headache disappear, rises mood, and the depression disappears. This way of improvement came as desirable for not only foreign visitors, but also serious Russian businessmen. Due to their predilection to unusual hobbies, on means received from their investments to trips to baby seals on ice, scientific expeditions of the scientists now are organized. Observing seals, white bears and bird colony on the seashore in Arctic environment, the people which have set off on expedition, first, comprehend a severe climate, secondly, almost instantly become softer. Feeling of sympathy, openness and confidentiality come back - that for a long time choosy businessmen already have forgotten. Oleg is sure:

- The Arctic Region overturns all life! Than further on North, the more purely the people are. Nenets, living in harmony with a nature, is more correct than us! I know, because it was necessary to live and to work among them, providing the international scientific expedition. And performance of applied tasks are not walking tour to you! Though the Arctic extreme expedition on North Pole of 1998 was a unique show, even the advertising rollers there removed, but on a route of the ice breaker we have delivered vitally necessary cargoes to the frontier guards and meteorologists.

The exotic - is far from being always hot countries. The virus of "North illness" amazes once on all life and does not recover. Oleg has a rest on the Franz Joseph Land:

It is my soul. We are poisoned with a civilization, and spiritual balance I get only there. On my sight, it is the most beautiful place on the Earth. One frontier guards there live practically. But I know a pair, which has lived there many years, even have given rise to twins. And now have left to the south, for "huge" city of Vorkuta.

North Pole for Oleg is not a white desert. It is thousand shades, complete colour scale. Uniqueness of creation is realized here. Vladimir Vysotsky in "White silence " wrote:

North. Will. Hope.

The country without borders.

Snow without a dirt, as long life without lie.

Flock of ravens won’t peck an eye out of eye sockets,

Because there are no ravens here.

In Arctic Region anybody is valid "will not substitute", but there is no silence: snowstorm, water, ice floes, the wind gives rise to sounds, the whole orchestra. And suddenly - absolute silence. It is possible simply to lie down on ice and to listen, as it rings. Ice resonates for 10 kilometers the steps are audible, they deafen! It is not hardly to breathe, are on rise in a condition of constant euphoria. There comes the saturation of extreme. Where it is rather cold, so it in Antarctic Continent on station "East", where Oleg has tested mountain illness. They are different, two Poles. On Northern there is a power infeed, the Earth gives back electromagnetic energy, and Southern - takes away.

Oleg is ready to tell about his impressions by hours, to test which is given by Destiny not to everyone. Our conversation lasts long. The incessant bells mobile phone come from St-Petersburg, Moscow, Murmansk. "Is it possible to spend the night?" Metropolitan inhabitant, Oleg Prodan is in Arkhangelsk (and in general it is more often possible to find him above than coordinates in 65 degrees of northern breadth and 40 degrees of east longitude), answers: "Go on, Marina is at home, and I’ll arrive by evening". It seems that the plentiful dialogue does not burden him.

Oleg took part in Juri Senkevitch TV show “The Club of the Travellers" and in "The World of the Animals " of Nickolai Drozdov. Within the framework of the programs at the Arctic breadthes he organized parachute expeditions on a Pole.

- I am not afraid of something to lose. It is unpleasant to admit, but much is already tested: self-interest, treachery. The sole I am afraid is - of deceits! I want much still to have time in Arctic Region, there is a lot to do there.

The author: Olga Golubtsova, "The Melody of silence in Arctic Region ", magazine "The Triumphal Arch", 3, 2004.

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